Hokkaido Trip 2017 – Day 1

We took an early flight from KLIA to Sapporo with one stop at Narita Airport, Tokyo. This was our first time flying with ANA airline and it was an overall a very pleasant experience. All the flight attendants are gorgeous and oh boy, their smiles are so genuine and infectious.

I found that the seat is more comfortable comparing to Air Asia’s seat. ANA airline even provide blanket and a small pillow (without additional charges!)😃. Not only they provide the blanket for international flight, but also for domestic flight. Silly me!! Perhaps this is nothing new with other airlines but because I used to travel with only Air Asia, I was just so happy to find out that they provide pillow, blanket and free flow of beverages without additional charges.😝 The meals provided are not so bad too and I can even request beforehand for gluten free meal. Awesome 😉


The ticket cost us RM3.2k per person, a bit on the high side as we booked it one month before the trip. I believe if we booked it earlier, we could get it cheaper. Anyway, I will definitely fly with ANA again in the future 😉

We reached New Chitose Airport (CTS), Sapporo at around 7pm.  From there, we took the JR rapid to Sapporo which is about a 40 minute journey and cost us 1070yen per person. We actually bought JR pass back in Malaysia where we could have unlimited ride with JR rapid or JR bus in Hokkaido. But since it was just a 7-day pass and we will be in Hokkaido for 9 days, we decided to only start using the pass 2 days later.

For the first night, we stayed in a homestay which we booked from AirBnB. Our host, Mr Tomohiro picked us up from Sapporo station to his place, which is about 5-10 minutes walk from Sapporo station (north exit). He’s a friendly guy and he even took the trouble to drive us to a nearby electrical store to buy adaptor. Then he even drove us out to search for soup curry after I told him that I wanted to try Hokkaido food.

With Mr. Tomohiro while waiting for seats


Below are the steps of ordering soup curry.


The pork belly was so good. Melt in my mouth😄

After dinner, Mr. Tomohiro sent us back to his place where we will be staying for the night. Despite the fact that the place located at the center of the town, it’s a quiet neighborhood. The place is small, cozy and clean. After Mr. Tomohiro left, we actually tempted to go out and roam on our own. But since it’s already late and it’s cold outside (even though it’s summer), we decided to rest early for tomorrow early morning journey.


Hokkaido 2017 – Day 2

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