Hokkaido Japan Trip 2017

I have never been to Japan before and this time going to Hokkaido is quite an eye opener for me. I planned the whole trip on my own with the help of information found online. Was quite stressful because I have never been there and have totally no idea of where to start the trip.

First time being to Hokkaido, I found out that Hokkaido is a really great place with : –

  1. great weather during summer
  2. friendly & courteous locals
  3. awesome beautiful nature
  4. clean environment & fresh air (I hardly see any garbage can along the street but yet the street are 90% clean)
  5. and awesome food!! (I miss the seafood rice bowl already) 😭

For this time round (a 9D8N) trip, I only manage to cover the southern part of Hokkaido. Hokkaido itself is actually a huge place and definitely need a few more trips to cover the whole Hokkaido. And not only that, Hokkaido is a really beautiful place which worth to be visited for every season. Different season will be a different kind of beauty.

Japan map
Only manage to cover southern part (and not even all of the southern part)

The most memorable event for this trip will be visiting Mount Uzusan where we walked a few miles and climbed 600 steps. And also the night where we almost frozen due to the rain and sudden drop of temperature.

It was a great trip overall and great experience of the Japan culture. I can’t wait to be back to Hokkaido again.

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